State orders Dominion Energy to cease mailing third party service offers to customers

October 5, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah In response to complaints from the public and the Division of Public Utilities and the Office of Consumer Services, the Public Service Commission has ordered Dominion Energy to stop using its bill to collect charges for third-party services unless the customers have already authorized the charges. The case arose from the
utility sharing its customer information with third-parties. The Commission will consider new rules for these billing and information-sharing practices. The Commission will also require Dominion Energy to credit customers with the value of customer information and access, to be determined in a future proceeding.

What this means for Dominion customers

  • If you are a Dominion customer who is being billed for HomeServe insurance products on your gas bill, you can continue to make your HomeServe payment on your bill if you wish. You may also cancel the service by calling HomeServe at 1-833-808-6703 or Dominion Energy at 1-800-323-5517. You can also manage your account online at .
  • If you are a Dominion customer who does not pay for HomeServe insurance products, you do not need to do anything. If you wish to buy a third-party insurance product, you will need to arrange it directly with the provider. Thirdparty services may not be billed on your Dominion gas bill if you were not already paying for the third-party service on your bill on or before October 4, 2018.

The Division of Public Utilities and the Office of Consumer Services will continue advocating for customers to be compensated fairly for the value of the information traded by Dominion Energy. The agencies will also participate in the upcoming rulemaking to address utilities’ information sharing practices to protect customers’ information and privacy.

About the Division of Public Utilities: The Division of Public Utilities is part of the Utah Department of Commerce and makes recommendations to the Utah Public Service Commission for rate-making purposes, applications, hearings and other issues affecting quality of service. The Division investigates consumer complaints and monitors utility operations to ensure compliance with Public Service Commission rules, regulations and orders.

About the Office of Consumer Services: The Office of Consumer Services is Utah’s utility consumer advocate, representing residential, small commercial and agricultural consumers of natural gas, electric and telephone service before the Utah Public Service Commission.

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