Text claiming Utah consumer owed unclaimed property calling cell phones

June 27, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Francine A. Giani, Executive Director of the Utah Department of Commerce, announced today that the Division of Consumer Protection has received a report that a fake text alerting consumers that they are owed unclaimed property is showing up on Utahns cell phones. The text directs the phone owner to send an email to find out how they recover the funds. Consumer Protection investigators traced the text back to an entity out of the United Kingdom. The Division notes this is suspicious in nature and asks consumers to research unclaimed property using official resources at mycash.utah.gov or by calling (801) 715-3300.

“The State of Utah has a legitimate unclaimed property website where you can search to see what monies are waiting for you for free. The government would never text you about unclaimed property, don’t fall for the bait!” cautioned Francine A. Giani.

State regulators advise that anyone who is curious should contact the Utah State Treasurer Office directly. The Utah State Treasurer houses the Unclaimed Property Division which currently holds over $370M in funds and properties awaiting reclaim from rightful owners or their descendants. Citizens can search their name to see if they have any money owed to them without paying a middle man or “fee finder” by logging on here; mycash.utah.gov/ucp/Property/SearchIndex

For more information or to file a consumer complaint, log to the Utah Division of Consumer Protection here; consumerprotection.utah.gov

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